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What does "QUEST" mean?
It's a game that lasts an hour. You spend an hour in a different world with a distinctive mission - to find something or someone, to rescue something or to escape. To do this you must solve all the game's puzzles. You must work as a team if you want to succeed. Between 2 and 6 people are required to form a team.
Invite your team (friends or family): 2-6 persons
An administrator will explain the rules to you
1 hour
You have an hour to escape
Don't worry: you can ask for help at any moment
iLocked real quests
We have created the most popular worlds and incredible universes. Who is your favourite hero? Indiana Jones, Harry Potter or Gandalf? You cаn visit Egyptian tombs, a submarine or a spaceship in our quests.
20 locations in St.-Petersburg
We have 20 quest rooms with exciting stories in the centre of St.-Petersburg. Just choose the one that you prefer!
Do you want striking emotions and new experience?
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